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Book announcement: Two books on Karlin-Stolin Chasidim

Book announcement: Two books on Karlin-Stolin Chasidim
By Eliezer Brodt

בנימין בראון, כספינה מיטלטלת, חסידות קרלין בין עליות למשברים, 659 עמודים, מרכז זלמן שזר
ר' אברהם אביש שור, כתבים, פרקי תולדות ועיון במשנת קרלין-סטולין, תדפיסים מתוך קובץ בית אהרן וישראל, 1229 + 18 עמודים.

Recently a good amount of literature devoted to Chasidim has appeared. In this announcement I am just mentioning two recent works, related specifically to Karlin-Stolin Chasidim. One is written by an academic (outsider) and one is written by a Stoliner Chassid (insider). This would be a great way to compare them, based on Chaim Liberman’s classic essay “Keitzad Chokrim Chasidus BYisrael?” (Ohel Rochel, 1, pp. 1-49).

The first volume is from Dr. Benny Brown, renowned for his massive book on the Chazon Ish a few years back (mentioned here and here) and for a more recent book edited by him (mentioned here) called HaGedolim. Last year Dr. Brown wrote a book devoted to understanding Charedim (451 pp.) called Madrich Lechevrah HaCharedis, where part of it he focuses on Chassidim. A few months ago his latest volume appeared, devoted to Karlin-Stolin (659 pp.) titled כספינה מיטלטלת.

This book also includes many documents which he got from insiders (no idea why they gave it to him). I was happy to see some discussion of a special Karliner Chasid that I had the great privilege to have a close relationship with, R’ Yossel Zeinvorth.

The table of contents to this work may be viewed here (link). 

Here is the cover:

The second book just released earlier this week is called Kesavim from Rabbi Abish Shor. R’ Abish is one of the most prolific writers in the Charedi Chasidic world. His articles have been featured in the Karlin-Stolin journal Kovetz Beis Aron V'Yisroel for the past thirty years. This is a collection of all his essays that appeared in that journal arranged in chronological and topical order. This volume has important information related to the history of Chasidim in general, based on numerous manuscripts amongst other sources. This huge volume was printed in a limited edition and for a short time is available for sale through me at eliezerbrodt@gmail.com

View the table of contents to the work here (link).

Here is the cover:

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