Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg on Prof. Saul Lieberman

Published several weeks ago, Rabbi Hillel Goldberg, Executive Editor of both the Intermountain Jewish News and of Tradition, has written a 'Review Essay' ("Discontinuities: The Case of Saul Lieberman," reviewing Elijah J. Schochet and Solomon Spiro's Saul Lieberman: The Man and His Work), in Tradition 40:3 (Fall 2007): 69-75. A PDF of this article is only available to subscribers to TraditionOnline and/or members of the Rabbinical Council of America.

While the aim of a "Review Essay" is usually focused on broadening the perspective of a particular topic with the author making use of the most recent contributions from within the extant scholarly literature, "Discontinuities: The Case of Saul Lieberman" lacks any such focus.

Continue reading this post ("Rabbi Hillel Goldberg on Prof. Saul Lieberman") at the Michtavim blog.

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