Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sale On Seforim Hard Drives

As discussed previously, there are two hard drive systems which contain thousands of seforim. Both of these will be on sale starting on Sunday June 3 for two weeks. For more information one can contact Mr. Flohr, who provided the information which appears below. Here are the sale prices:

Otzar Hachochma - Hard Drive System
Full version (23,000 seforim)- $1380 (reg. $1980)
Bney Torah (21,500 seforim) - $1240 (reg. $1780)
G'mara V'Halacha (15,800 seforim) -$930 (reg. $1320)
Torah U'Midrash (15,800 seforim) - $930 (reg. $1320)
Library Edition (23,000 seforim) - $950 (no search option)
FREE shipping on all orders.

Updates for previous owners available at 20% discount (i.e. owners of Otzar HaChochma who have not updated to the latest version can now do so during the sale and receive a discount price on the update).

It should be noted that if someone buys any of the "smaller" versions, they can update the program whenever they wish to a "higher" version (i.e. from Bney Torah to Full, or Gmara Vhalacha to Bney Torah etc.). The price would be based on the current sale price at the time they do the update.

There is an option for paying for the program in THREE payments.

Otzrot HaTorah (Morgenstern) - Hard Drive System
Full version (13,000 seforim) - $1296 (reg. $1600)
(if payed by cash or check discount of $156, final price - $1140)
Small version (12,000 seforim) - $990 (reg. $1200)
(If payed by cash or check discount of $120, final price - $870)

Morgenstern is also giving a free upgrade to the next version (version 5) which will include an additional 2,000 volumes as well as the complete Bayis Molay Seforim (Rosenberg) and will also have an update to the Otzar HaShu"t program (inc. parts of Yoreh De'ah). There is an option for paying for the program in 36 payments (three years).

The sale for both Otzar HaChochma as well as Otzrot HaTorah is scheduled to last for TWO weeks. After the sale is over the prices will go back up so if anyone is interested NOW is the time.

Also, readers of the Seforim Blog who mention it when purchasing will be given an EXTRA bonus.
Thanks much.
Moshe Flohr / Computer Maven

Finally, both Bar Ilan and DBS have updated their respective databases and Mr. Flohr has those available as well
Bar Ilan ver. 15 update from ver. 14 is $99.
DBS ver. 13 update from ver. 12 is $80.
there are prices for updating for earlier versions as well but please contact Mr. Flohr for those specifics.

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