Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Feature - Listing of New Seforim

As a service for those who either don't have access or the time to browes the seforim stores to see what new has been printed I will now on a periodic basis list the seforim I have recently purchased/seen. The vast majority of these I will have seen/purchased will be from Biegeleisen books in Boropark (718) 436-1165.

At times I will have lenghter comments and some books I will just list and leave to the reader to investigate further.

1) The second volume of the Siddur Kol Ya'akov. This a newly set type of the classic Hassidic Siddur.
2) Pirush Mesacktat Avot l'Rebi Mattishayu HaYishari edited with an introduction by R. Ya'akov Shmuel Spiegel as well as an introduction by Dov Schwartz on R. Mattityahu's philosophy based upon this commentary.
3) HaNehmadim miPaz a 862 page work on everything and everything having to do with mitzvah of writing a sefer Torah as well as Haknatat sefer Torah.
4) Hazar Rebi Yehudah HaHassid this discusses the Hurva Shul and includes some interesting historical pictures and documents relating to it. Which I think is being fully rebuilt now.
5) Rigshe Lev Tefilatam shel Nashim a book all about women's prayer although not prayer groups. The implict point of the book, however, is to say that women should be ok without prayer groups or the like. The book inlcudes various "laws" applicable as well as all the myriad of scenarios one needs to come up with when writing a book of this type - can a woman pray where there is no mehitzha, what do if she slept through the proper time of prayer, etc.

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