Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Book Announcement

Book Announcement
By Eliezer Brodt
ספרות חז"ל הארץ-ישראלית, מבואות ומחקרים, המערכת מנחם כהנא, ורד נעם, מנחם קיסטר, דוד רוזנטל, ב' חלקים, 732 עמודים.

I am very happy to announce the publication of an important work which numerous people will find very useful. This is a collection of essays from various experts in the field of Chazal's Eretz Yisrael Literature. If one wants a proper introduction to various works of Chazal from the Mishna and on, this is the place to look. Up until now there were numerous articles and books on all these topics, including the two volumes set Literature of the Sages. Many of the topics covered in these two new volumes can be found in Literature of the Sages, some times even by the same authors; e.g. Vered Noam on Megilat Tannit or Chaim Milikowsky on Seder Olam. However, many of the chapters are new or are written by different people. One hopes that they will continue this series with a volume dealing with the Talmud Bavli.

Here is a table of contents of the work:

For a short time copies can be purchased through me for a special price. Contact me at

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