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Some Highlights of the Mossad HaRav Kook Sale of 2018

Some Highlights of the Mossad HaRav Kook Sale of 2018
By Eliezer Brodt

For over thirty years, starting on Isru Chag of Pesach, Mossad HaRav Kook publishing house has made a big sale on all of their publications, dropping prices considerably (some books are marked as low as 65% off). Each year they print around twenty new titles. They also reprint some of their older, out of print titles.This year they have printed some valuable works, as they did last year. See herehere and here for a review of previous year's titles.

If you're interested in a PDF of their complete catalog, email me at

As in previous years, I am offering a service, for a small fee, to help one purchase seforim from this sale. The sale's last day is Sunday. For more information about this, email me at Eliezerbrodt-at-gmail.comPart of the proceeds will be going to support the efforts of the Seforim Blog.

What follows is a list and brief description of some of their newest titles.

הלכות פסוקות השלם, כרך ג, על פי כת"י ששון עם מקבילות מקורות הערות ושינויי נוסחאות, מהדיר: יהונתן עץ חיים.

תורת חיים תהלים, ג' חלקים

This work is a continuation of their excellent Toras Chaim series which is very useful. To date they have done Chumash, Avot (2 volumes), 5 Megilot (3 volumes), Mishlei (2 volumes) and Hagadah Shel Pesach.

This item just arrived from the printer so it did not make it into the Catalog.

דניאל עם פירוש אבן עזרא, פירוש הקצר והארוך ע"פ כ"י ומבוא, מהדיר ר' מרדכי שאול גודמן
תוספות הרא"ש, מועד קטן ועבודה זרה
חיבור התשובה למאירי, ע"פ כ"י כולל מבוא הערות וביאורים מר' משה צוריאל
שו"ת הרמ"א, מהדורת אשר זיו

This is a reprint of the famous critical edition of Asher Ziv’s Shut HaRama.

אגרת המופת, רבי שמואל אבן ג'אמע, הלכות יורה דעה בכשרכות בע"ח עם המקור בערבית והערות בעריכת הרב ניסים לוי
רש"י מסכת נדרים, ליקוטי פירושי רש"י מספרי הראשונים על המסכת ע"י ר' יואל פלורסהיים
תהלים עם פירוש באר אברהם, מר' אברהם בן הגר"א, ע"פ כ"י
שבחי ארץ החיים, רבי פסח הכהן פינפער, שבחה של ארץ ישראל
ופקדת נווך, ר' ארז אברהמוב, הפרשת קטן מאיסורים,
המידות לחקר הלכה, חלק ב, ר' משה אביגדור עמיאל
פתח ההצלה מטנג'יר, אסתר פרבשטין ואילה נדיבי, רני רייכמן לעזרת יהודי אירופה
מאמרי טוביה, חלק ג, לר' טוביה פרשל, 510 עמודים

Last year I wrote about the first two volumes as follows:
Just a few years ago, the great Talmid Chacham, writer and bibliographer (and much more), R’ Tovia Preschel, was niftar at the age of 91. R’ Preschel authored thousands of articles on an incredibly wide range of topics, in a vast array of journals and newspapers both in Hebrew and English. For a nice, brief obituary about him from Professor Leiman, see here. Upon his passing, his daughter, Dr. Pearl Herzog, immediately started collecting all of his material in order to make it available for people to learn from. Already by the Shloshim a small work of his articles was released. A bit later, she opened a web site devoted to his essays. This website is constantly updated with essays. It’s incredible to see this man’s range of knowledge (well before the recent era of computer search engines). A few months ago, Mossad HaRav Kook released volume one (424 pp.) containing some of his essays, and right before Pesach volume two was released (482 pp.) This is an extremely special treasure trove of essays and articles on a broad variety of topics. It includes essays related to Halacha, Minhag, bibliography, Pisgamim, history of Gedolim, book reviews, travels and personal encounters and essays about great people he knew or met (e.g.: R’ Chaim Heller, R’ Abramsky, R’ Shlomo Yosef Zevin, R’ Meshulem Roth, R’ Reuven Margolis, Professor Saul Lieberman). Each volume leaves you thirsting for more. At least another two volumes are in preparation by his daughter, Dr. Pearl Herzog. I wish her much Hatzlacha in this great service for readers of all kinds all over the world.

Here is a table of contents of the latest volume:

Also, back in print are the following older titles:
בעקבות היראה, לר' אברהם אליהו קפלן
אגרות צפון לר' שמשון רפאל הירש
שו"ת מן השמים מהדיר ר' ראובן מרגליות
הלל צייטלין, ספרן של יחידים

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