Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lecture Announcement: Rabbi Yechiel Goldhaber

The readership of the Seforim Blog is invited to a shiur that will be taking place this Sunday April 3, at 7 PM. The shiur will be given by the noted scholar and author Rav Yechiel Goldhaber of Eretz Yisroel (link). He has authored many wonderful articles and works on a wide range of topics, notably Minhagei Kehilos about customs, Kunditon (link) about the Titanic, and the Cherem on Spain, and two volumes of Ginzei Yehuda, a collection of assorted letters from various rabbis. (The lecture will be in English.)

The subject of the Shiur is חיפושו של ר' ישראל משקלוב אחרי עשרת השבטים, and it will take place in Brooklyn at 3114 Quentin Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11234. 

Thank you to Dr. Shlomo Sprecher for his help in coordinating this Shiur.

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Unknown said...

May I ask who is Rav Yechiel Goldhaber of Eretz Yisroel ? My question rather relates not to the scholarly Rav but rather as to this miraculous & wonderous land, promised to us 'Eretz Yisroel'.. In Brooklyn, have not you heard that Israel, a nation state, was established in 1948- receiving international support and ever since has fought several wars, with a large number of Jewish losses- and that we hope, with Hashem's help- to continue in our wonderful rebirth of nationhood, in our generation ? But I suppose in circles in Brooklyn (and in extreme circles here)- there are other winds blowing...

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