Tuesday, February 09, 2016

An Unknown Picture?

An Unknown Picture?
Marc B. Shapiro

In the post that went up earlier today, I mention that in the future I plan to share an unknown picture of R. Moshe Feinstein and R. Joseph B. Soloveitchik. My intention was to include this picture in a future post, but that could be awhile. In the meantime, someone who has been in correspondence with me thinks that I am mistaken and that the picture is not unknown. So I am posting it here as an appendix to my last post and I ask readers, has anyone seen this picture before?

It was taken at the wedding of R. Moshe Dovid Tendler’s daughter, Rivka, to R. Shabtai Rappaport. The man on the left is R. Isaac Tendler, R. Moshe Dovid’s father. The wedding took place at the Pioneer Country Club, Greenfield Park, N.Y., on June 17, 1971. I thank Jack Prince who was at the wedding for allowing me to make a copy of the picture in his possession.

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Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Can you add a date to the caption for the sake of future history and our curiousity?

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