Monday, October 12, 2015

Please note

The Seforim Blog is proud to provide a platform for freewheeling debate in a productive spirit. We do not moderate comments, because there has been no need. While tongues sometimes get sharp, we believe that overall the mood in the comments section has been in the spirit of comaraderie, with our readers and commenters sharing the bonds of a common interest and love of Jewish learning.

Recently, to our dismay, the comments section has been transformed to something else. We cannot accept a situation where every post becomes a mean-spirited argument. We have waited and tolerated this long enough, hoping to see whomever should consider themselves addressed by this post come to this realization on their own and use their considerable scholarly talents wisely and cease dragging the Seforim Blog down.

Please view this as a polite but firm request and a warning. If nothing changes soon, then unfortunately we will have to revoke the commenting privileges of whomever is responsible. 

The Seforim Blog administrators.

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