Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Announcement of new works of Rishonim

Announcement of new works of Rishonim

By Eliezer Brodt

מגנזי אירופה, כרך ראשון, ההדיר והוסיף מבואות: שמחה עמנואל, הוצאת מקיצי נרדמים, 512 עמודים.

I am very happy to announce the publication of an important work which I have been eagerly waiting for, Professor Simcha Emanuel of the Hebrew University's Talmud department's volume of texts from the "European Genizah" (volume one). This volume was just printed by Mekitzei Nirdamim and is being sold by Magnes Press.

New texts from Rishonim are high up on my list of favorite publications, all the more so when they are edited by Professor Simcha Emanuel. Professor Emanuel is considered one of the today's greatest experts in Rishonic literature. He has produced numerous special works [such as this recent work, this, this and my favorite] and articles of both texts and material about them for quite some time. [Many of which are available here] All of which are of very high quality, showing an incredible breadth and depth in the material at hand. One area of specialty of his is finding long-lost works; this new volume continues this trend. Starting with an important introduction to the background and importance of the Genizah, it includes numerous newly discovered texts of Rishonim, with introductions and background of their importance and proof of identification.

Here are the Table of Contents of this special work:

For a sample e mail me at Eliezerbrodtatgmail.com.

The book can be purchased via Magnes Press or through me at: Eliezerbrodtatgmail.com.

Also take note of a special sale of numerous titles at Magnes Press.

Copies of this work will be arriving at Biegeleisen shortly.

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