Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Recently Published Seforim

Some Recently Published Seforim
by: Eliezer Brodt

Here is short list of some recently published seforim on the market. This is only a partial list but we wanted to highlight some notable seforim.
1. The Safari commentary, Mishnayot Mishnat Eretz Yisroel, on Meschect Yoma. This is but one of the many new volumes of this commentary that are coming out at a rapid speed. I hope they continue coming out at such speeds.
2. Zohar Amar’s Esrogei Eretz Yisroel. This volume is a continuation of his work, published last year, Arbat ha-Minim. As the title suggests, the new book focuses on the Etrog in particular and especially the various etrogim on the market today.
3. R. Yitzchack Shilat has retranslated the Kuzari from Arabic.
4. R. Hamberger, of Mechon Morshet Ashkenaz, has just written a beautiful three volume masterpiece on Yeshivat Fuerth, Ha-Yeshiva ha-Rahma be-Fiord.
5. R. Nebentzal on Chol Hamoed.
6. R. Weiss author of Megadim Chadashim on various volumes of Shas, (the works are well-known for containing interesting things) has put out a volume on Chumash Breshis (673 pp.).
7. R. Y. Weiss, Binah le-Etim, two volumes on Tishrei (from Mechon Shem Olam).
8. Volume 23 of Yeshurun. This volume is beautiful; although smaller in size than previous volumes in content it is better (in my opinion). The main highlights are the articles regarding R. N.N. Rabinowich, author of Dikdukei Sofrim, including many letters of his (many of which had not been printed), his notes on Shem ha-Gedolim and a section on Geniza Charsoin. I will be returning to this volume in its own post hopefully very soon.
9. A reprint, and retypeset edition of Chibat Yerushalayim, all about Eretz Yisroel.
10. As far as other Torah journals there are new issues of Or Yisroel, Hamayan (it’s even already upon line), Eitz Chaim and Heichel Ha-Besht.
11. Volume three of Iggerot R. Hayyim Ozer.
In the academic world there also has been some activity. Of note from Ben Tzvi is three volumes of collected article of E. Fleischer on Piut and a marriage guide for Chasanim from the 1700s. From Magnes there is a nice book from A. Melamaed, Rehokot ve-Tavahkot.

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