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Seforim for Sale, List II

Seforim for Sale, List II
by: Eliezer Brodt
This is the second list of out-of-print seforim.  At the end of the list I provide suggestions, divided by subject matter.  Additionally, where appropriate I have provided information about specific titles.
Most of the titles mentioned here are out of print and, for some of the listed titles; there are only a few copies available. For example, for-some of the titles there are only two copies available for sale while others there are many more available. Thus, these books are on a first come first serve basis. These books will not be available much longer. All these books are brand new and are in mint condition.

Special: If one buys five books he will receive a ten percent discount off that total (not including the shipping). If one buys ten or more books he will receive twenty percent off that total (not including the shipping).

How to Order:  E-mail your order to I will than send you a bill based on what is available, sale is first come first serve. Payment has to be done Via Pay Pal. Shipping is available, it’s about $5 a sefer (on average size seforim, some of the books are over sized so they cost a little more to mail). If one buys 5 seforim the price on shipping, goes down a bit. All books will be air mailed out shortly after I receive the money. All questions about information of the seforim should be sent to the above e-mail address. I will be putting up another list or two soon enough. Enjoy!

 I received requests to give a bit of details on the seforim. I will try to in this list for some of the titles. I will also give some details for the ones I mentioned in the first list.

Second list:


 א. תורת העיקרים מאת מנחם קלנר, 238 עמודים, כריכה רכה,  $10

This is a translation of his book Dogma in Medieval Jewish Thought


 ב. עמודי המחשבה הישראלית, שמחה בונם אורבעך- חלק ג' מנשתו הפילוסופית של ר' חסדאי קרשקש 442 עמודים, $14

This work is very important if one wants to make a brave attempt to understand R. Crescas complex Philosophy.


ג. המחשבה היהודית בימי הביניים, המשך או מפנה, ד"ר נחום אריאלי, תשנ"ה, כריכה רכה, 293 עמודים $11

The author is the son of R. Yitzchak Arielie, author of Eynayim Lemishpat (in yeshiva world terms he is the uncle of R. Asher Arielie).


ד. מנהג אשכנז הקדמון ,ישראל תא שמע, ספר חשוב מאוד, $16

For anyone involved on any level with the topic of development of Minhaghim this is a very important work. The book includes an in depth overview on Minhag Askenaz and has nineteen chapters dealing with specific topics, ten related to Shabbas, four related to Pesach and five related to Tefilah.

Biblical Period

תקופת המקרא:

ה. איורי תנ"ך עבריים מלנינגרד, כריכה רכה, $15

This work is ILLUMINATIONS FROM HEBREW BIBLES OF LENINGRAD originally published by Baron Ginsburg includes an introduction and New Descriptions by Bezalel Narkiss, 220 pages. [The facsimile editions of the paintings are sold for a few hundred dollars if someone is interested I can get a very reduced price for them.]

ו..תרגום ואגדה בו - אביגדור שנאן $16

This is an important book related to the agadah statements found in Targum Yonason Ben Uziel.

ז.מחקרים בתולדות ישראל - תקופות המקרא, 508 עמודים, כריכה רכה, $15

This is a collection of twenty six articles focusing on many aspects related to Tanach.

ח.מיהושע ועד יאשיהו $17

Talmudic Period

תקופת התלמוד

ט. הקהילה היהודית בארץ-ישראל בתקופת המשנה והתלמוד- זאב ספראי  $17

י.מחורבן לתקומה, $17

יא.מחקרים בתולדות ישראל, תקופות המשנה והתלמוד, 408 עמודים, כריכה רכה, $15

This is a collection of twenty articles focusing on many aspects related to the Mishana and Talmud
Geonic Period

תקופת הגאונים:

יב.לתולדות נוסח השאילתות ירחמיאל ברודי $9

יג.משלי סעיד בן באבשאד, מכון יצחק בן צבי, מהדיר: עזרא פליישר, 319 עמודים, $14 (ספר זה נכתב בסוף תקופות הגאונים, והוא בא מקארו גניזה).

Medieval Period

תקופת הראשונים -ימי הבינים

יד. תרבות וחברה בתולדות ישראל בימי הבינים $20

This is an excellent collection of articles related to history of Middle ages, 734 pages featuring articles from many big Guns of the academic world.

This work is an excellent collection of articles related to Spanish Jewry, 760 pages.

טז.מחובות הלבבות לשירת הלבבות $17



יז. מגמות וצורות בספרות ההשכלה, $16

יח. השכלה והיסטוריה: תולדותיה של הכרת-עבר יהודית מודרנית, 523 עמודים, ש. פיינר $17.

יט.הקרע שלא נתאחה: פרישת האורתודוקסים מכלל הקהילות בהונגריה ובגרמניה- יעקב כ"ץ $15

This is a hard cover edition the edition being sold currently by Shazar is paperback.

כ.החכם המופלא - הרב שלמה הכהן אהרנסון הרב הראשי הראשון של תל אביב חייו ופעלו- יצחק אלפסי, 224 עמודים, $14

כא.בקורות ומסה, דוד תמר, אישים וספרים, - מקובלי צפת וירושלים צרפת מיורן וטבריה, יוצרים ויצירות בחכמת ישראל ובספרות העברית. ראובן מס תשל"ג, 203 עמודים, $12


נושאים שונים

כב.ארוס אירוסין ואיסורים: מיניות ומשפחה בהיסטוריה 427 עמודים, $17

כג. קורות - כרך ט חוברת יא-יב תשנ"ב, בטאון לתולדות הרפואה ולמדעי הטבע 270 עמודים, כריכה רכה, חלק בעברית וחלק באנגליש $12

This particular volume has a collection of very nice articles. Some are related to Milah, one on Leprosy and some on other very interesting medical topics.

כד. קדושת החיים וחירוף הנפש: קובץ מאמרים $15

This is a hard cover version the version being sold currently by Shazar is paperback. This is an excellent collection of articles related to Kiddish Hashem throughout Jewish history.


כה. האנציקלופדיה של השואה ה' חלקים (סט) $85

פיוט -שירה:

כו.השירה העברית בצפון אפריקה $16

כז.עיונים בשירת המזמורים העברית והאוגריתית $15

כח.השיר דבור על אופניו מאת דן פגיס עריכה עזרא פליישר $17

כט. יסודי צורות הפיוט $8


ל.עיונים בבלשנות עברית $17

לא. צורות הקשר והפסק בעברית שבמקרא $18


לב. ספרייה וספר בארץ-ישראל בשלהי התקופה העות'מאנית $17

לג. ברנר, אסתרקה, וייצמן השני $12

לד. מנחה לשרה, מחקרים בפילוסופיה יהודית ובקבלה מוגשים לפרופסור שרה א' הלר וילנסקי, $17

לה. תרבות והיסטוריה, עורך יוסף דן, 201 עמודים, כריכה קשה,$11

1. The Elders in Ancient Israel $14

2.Historical Geography of the Bible: The Tribal Territories of Israel  Special price for this book is $75

3.Anthology of Hassidic music Special price for this book is $90

4. Chess in Jewish History and Hebrew Literature $35

5. The Land That Became Israel: Studies in Historical Geography $15

In my first list I tried to include books on wide ranging topics.
If one is interested in Works of Chazal than I recommend item number eighteen. This is a critical edition of the work Pisron Torah, a pretty unknown lost likut of medrashi Chazal (which has been unavailable for a while). The Medrashim are related to Chumash Vayikra, Bamedbar and Devarim. [As an interesting note, R Chaim Kanievsky quotes this work in his writings.] This edition was annotated by E.E. Auerbach and includes a extensive introduction about the work from him. Yakov Zussman refers to this Medrash in his article where he deals with E.Aurbach and his works:

ליקוט המדרשים המיוחד במינו מבחינות הרבה (מוסף מדעי היהדות, תשנ"ג, עמ' 107).


Three works of critical edition of Rishonim are items number fourת fourteen and fifteen. Item number four is a critical edition of the Kimchi Family on Mishlei the most famous of them being the Radak, it is 569 pages. Number fourteen is a very important collection of Shut from the Rishonim. In an article about the editor of this work E. Kuffer, Professor Ta Shema writes:

יותר מכל אלה נתפרסמה בין הלומדים מהדורת תשובות ופסקים מאת חכמי אשכנז וצרפת ספר זה רב הכמות ורב האיכות, לא מש משולחנם של העוסקים בספרות הרבנית של ימי הביניים, לא רק משום תוכנו המקורי והחשוב, אלא גם על שום הערותיו המחכימות של המהדיר המלוות את הספר לכל אורכו, ומפנות את המעיין אל הקשרן הרחב יותר של התשובות (כנסת מחקרים עיונים בספרות הרבנית בימי הביניים כרך ד, עמ' 349).


If one is interested in Piyyut I included six titles, 3 of them being texts with critical editions (# 8-10), (#16) a work of a Rishon related to Piyyut (very hard to find for a while) and two volumes of academic works on the topic from some of the experts in the field (# 7,27). Especially worth noting is #27 as it is a very nice size volume (683 pps.) of the collected writings of M. Zulai on the topic of piut which has been out of print for some time.
History Of Chazal era:
If one is interested in the history of Chazal (specifically Mishna era) and time of the Beis ha-Mikdash I highly recommend the excellent work of collected articles from S. Safrai. These two volumes (# 5) have been out of print for some time. For another book related to Talmud see item number three.
Another very important title is the collected writings of E. Auerbach. This valuable collection of two volumes of articles includes many of the over three hundred articles which he wrote of all fields related to his many areas of expertise. Starting from the time period of Chazal and going through Rishonim and Achronim. Dealing with various specific incidents, some texts of Rishonim and of course some of his famous book reviews. These volumes have been out of print for some time and were expensive when they were in print. Another important and useful book is number twenty this is a nice collection of articles related to many different aspects revolving around the Asres Hadebros.
Dead Sea Scrolls:
If one is interested in the Dead Sea scrolls there are two titles (# 17,26). Of special interest in this area is book number seventeen as it includes three works in one volume of Lawrence Schiffman on the topic a renowned expert in this field. It has been unavailable for some time.
History of Sixteenth century:
If one is interested in the history of the Jews in the sixteenth and seventeenth century especially in Poland and Germany I highly recommend this now classic work in the field from Yakov Elbaum (#1). It has not been available for some time it includes a wealth of information about this very important time period. Another important title (#2) also from Yakov Elbaum is Teshuvos Halev Vekabalos Yisurim. This is a very useful book on the topic of Teshuva in the writings of the Chachmei Poland and Ashkenaz from 1348-1648. Another book on Poland and Lithuania is item number nineteen.
If one is interested in a book related to history of Kabbalah I recommend the volume Al Hakedusha from Joseph Dan. Of course I must point out item number twenty eight, Binyan Ariel related to the Kabalah of Arizal and R Chaim Vital which has caused much controversy in the past.
Aleph Beis:
If one is looking for works on the development of the writing of the Aleph beis there are two out of print works from Yosef Nevah items number twenty two and twenty three on the list.
If one is interested in Jewish Folklore I highly recommended item number twenty five a collection of some articles of the famous Dov Sadan on the topic (one nice chapter is related to Hamantaschen).
If one is looking for a nice work of short articles on various Achronim I recommend item number twenty four.
Item number twenty one is a book from R Yechazkel Abramasky son for some reason I could not find mention of him in the recent book on Rav Abramsky (perhaps I did not look hard enough).


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