Friday, October 30, 2009

Mysteries of the Other World: Golems, Demons and Similar Beings in Jewish Thought & History

A recent article begins:

While some Jewish families see Halloween as a pagan holiday that should not be observed, the fact is, Jewish tradition is itself no stranger to the otherworldly, with its own history of golem-makers, sorcerers, and demon wranglers, and throughout the centuries Jews have been as afraid of evil spirits as anyone else

Indeed, for those interested in some of the discussions regarding demon wranglers and golem makers, see Dr. Leiman's post on "Did a Disciple of the Maharal Create a Golem?" and the post "Ghosts, Demons, Golems, and their Halachik Status." As well as Dr. Leiman's comments regarding a story that appeared in De'ah ve-Dibbur regarding the Maharal and his alleged golem and this post.

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