Friday, September 25, 2009

Yom Kippur Reading

First, we have Eliezer's post discussing Teffilah Zakah, then we have his review of R. Yedidyah Weil's Levushi Badim and its implications for Yom Kippur, Prof. Frimmer's discussion about Sperber's use of various leincies on Yom Kippur and whether they have broader application, Marc Shapiro's discussion about the R. Soloveitchik Machzor (its towards the end of the post), a discussion about candles on Yom Kippur, the censorship of the statement that the Besamim Rosh is worthy of being burnt even on Yom Kippur, a wonderful example how some errronous customs get started - this one in particular invovled a butcher, a zuger and a barrel.

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