Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Rosh ha-Shana Readings

For those interested in posts relating to Rosh ha-Shana, aside from the most recent post regarding gifting knives, we discuss some of the history and personalities relating to the controversy of blowing the shofar when Rosh ha-Shana falls on Saturday here and see this recent article as well. This post (in Hebrew) discusses the custom of refraining from meat on Rosh ha-Shana. The bulk of the commonly recited piyutim on Rosh ha-Shana are attributed to R. Eliezer ha-Kallir who is discussed here. And, finally, in this post, Dr. Shapiro discusses Adon Olam, the poem that many have the custom to say on Rosh ha-Shana (even if they refrain the rest of the year).

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