Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shavua HaSefer sale on Hardrives

 Annual Shavua HaSefer sale on computerized (digital) Seforim Libraries.

1) Otzar HaChochma
This year the sale will be 30% off the regular price. The sale will be from June 7 thru June 27. The prices are as follows:
Full version (30,300 vol.) reg. 1920 sale $1299
Bnei Torah version (29,000 vol.) reg 1720 sale $1175
Library version (30,300 vol.) reg 1120 sale $820
There are also TWO additional optional sections that can be added to any of the above versions:
Seforim from Machon Yerushalayim (340 vol.) $180
Seforim from Kehos Publishing (3,500 vol.) reg 90 sale $60
All of the above (EXCEPT the Library edition) include a "search engine" which is very good and also the ability to convert the "image" to "text" (at the moment only seforim with "square" print, not "rashi" print).
It is also possible to buy the Otzar HaChochma with monthly payments.
NOTE: There will be a special BONUS for readers of the seforim blog (when mentioning seforim blog)!
2) OTZROT HATORAH aka The Morgenstern Library
Otzrot Hatorah/The Morgenstern Library NEW version 5 has arrived. In addition to the additional 8,000 volumes that were added the program has been updated with MANY new features and options.
The program also contains the OTZROT HaShut from Otzar HaPoskim. This too has been updated with the addition of parts of Yoreh De'ah. (The previous version did not contain any Yoreh De'ah.)
Prices are: Full version (21,000 vol.) reg. 1750 Sale $1215
Bnei Torah Version (20,000 vol.) reg. 1475 Sale $1035
It is also possible to buy the Otzar HaTorah with monthly payments.
3) BAR ILAN version 17
Bar Ilan's new version (17) has arrived. Price for Shavua HaSefer is: version 17 @ $449 (list $689) and version 17 "plus" (inc. Encyclopedia Talmudis) @ $539 (list $789).
Updates from ver. 16 are $100. (Updates for earlier versions also available.)
4) DBS version 15
DBS newest version is now available. Shavua HaSefer price is $399. Update price from ver. 14 is $89.
And finally, FREE Shipping (USPS) for all Seforim Blog readers for ANY of the above programs!
Moishe Flohr
Computer Maven
cell: 917-456-7855

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