Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Special Subscription Offer to Tradition

Special Subscription Offer to Tradition

In honor of the adoption of TraditionOnline Seforim Blog, Tradition Online is offering, for a limited time only, a reduced price of $15 for a 1-year, online-only subscription to Tradition. This will entitle you to complete online access to upcoming issues as well as all 50 years of the Tradition archives.

To subscribe, simply go to the Subscriptions link on the sidebar, choose the 1-year online-only subscription option at the bottom of the page, and when you get to your shopping cart, enter the promotional code: Seforim. The price will then be reduced to $15.

The TraditionOnline Seforim blog (TSB) is, of course, open to the public for free, and will always remain that way.

Also, for those of you who are already subscribed to Seforim Email Updates - you don't have to do anything to continue receiving your email updates. You will be automatically connected to TSB email updates. Anyone interested in signing up for TSB email updates can do so on the top left corner of the TSB home page.

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