Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The Otzrot HaTorah (AKA "The Morgenstern Library") is now ON SALE thru June 30.
The library contains 13,000 volumes in the "regular" version and 14,000 volumes in the "expanded" edition.
The SALE prices are as follows:
Expanded edition: Reg. price $1990 SALE price: $1480.
Standard edition: Reg. price $1480 SALE price: $1160.
There is a payment plan of (up to) 20 monthly payments. Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card.
For those making a one time payment by either cash or check there will be an additional $200 discount (i.e. $1280) for the Expanded version and a $165 discount (i.e. $995) for the regular version.
Please note: The Otzrot HaTorah program includes the 13,000 - 14,000 volumes (scanned originals, categorized but without search) as well as the Otzrot HaShut from Otzar HaPoskim (topic search) plus a few hundred digitized seforim (search, copy-paste, etc.). It also comes with the "HebrewBooks.org" collection (AKA Bayis Molay Seforim).
Purchasers will be entitled to the soon-to-be-released update which will include another 2,000 volumes as well as an update to the Otzrot HaShut as well as an update to the program itself.
Also, Bar Ilan version 16 is now IN STOCK.
Prices are as follows:
Version 16 is $469
Version 16 "plus" (inc. Encyclopedia Talmudis) is $569
Upgrades for previous owners are available as well.
Also, DBS version 14 has arrived! Updates from previous versions are available. (You can also purchase "older" versions for less).
Prices are as follows:
version 10 = $170
version 11 = $210
version 12 = $270
version 13 = $330
version 14 = $420
AND FINALLY, Otzar HaChochma 33% off SALE is still going on until June 22.
BONUS: Purchase any TWO of these Seforim programs (i.e. Otzar HaChochma, Otzrot HaTorah, Bar Ilan, or DBS) and receive a FREE all-in-one photo printer (print, copy, scan). A $100 vailue!
Please contact:
Moishe Flohr
Computer Maven
cell: 917-456-7855

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