Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the Michtavim blog, an affiliate of the Seforim blog

In addition to my work that will continue at the Seforim blog -- we've got some great posts going up soon -- I have recently started a new blog, the Michtavim blog, an affiliate of the Seforim blog, where I hope to provide interested readers with up-to-date references and discussions of the latest scholarship from the world of academic Jewish studies and Orthodox Judaism.

Over the next weeks, in addition to posting my musings on a daily basis, I will be adapting a selection of my previous posts from my AJHistory blog (a"h) and the Seforim blog and placing them at the Michtavim blog.

For now, see the following few links for my new posts at the Michtavim blog.

-- "From the Archives of the Royal Library in Metz" (link)
-- "305th yahrzeit of R. Yair Hayyim Bacharach (1638-1702)" (link)
-- "The Sermons and Yeshivot of R. Aharon Kotler" (link)
-- "When a Rabbi is Accused of Heresy: The Latest in the Emden-Eybeschütz Controversy" (link)

I hope that you enjoy and I appreciate your feedback.

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