Sunday, October 07, 2007

New Books

1. Machon Yerushalayim has begun to publish a new edition of the Ramban on the Torah. In this edition they include the Ramban, based mostly on the Lisbon, 1489 edition. The commentaries of the Techeles Mordechai, Kur HaZahav, Kesef Muzukkah, and R. Meir Arik's are included. For an earlier post at the Seforim blog touching on the Chavel-Mossad HaRav Kook edition of the Ramban, see here.

2. The Onkelos translation has come out on Bereishit, I have previously discussed this translation here. This new volume includes an introduction discussing Onkelos more generally.

3. A newly typeset edition of the Siddur haArizal Rebi Shabbati has come out.

4. All four volumes (complete) of the Siddur HaArizal Kol Ya'akov are now available in a newly typeset edition.

5. The Siddur Vilna has put out a Rosh HaShana machzor.

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