Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Racy Title Pages Updated

As I had previously noted, many older seforim include what may be deemed objectionable by today's standards. I had mentioned how one book had attempted to rectify this, the new edition of the Levush. In this edition the title pages from some early editions of the Levush are included in the introdoction, however the title pages has been "touched up." Now that I have learned how to include images, I present both the original and the touched up version.

Although, the publishers of the Levush decided to alter the original, the new edition of the Tashbatz Koton did include a reprint of the first edition (1556) with the original title page unaltered. However, as is apparent, there are images on this title page that some might find objectionable.

[Unfortunately, I can't get the pictures to layout nicely, if someone knows how to fix that please let me know]

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